Indian Wedding at Limak Atlantis Deluxe Belek Hotel: Manal and Mohammed’s Dream Wedding

Indian Wedding at Limak Atlantis Deluxe Belek Hotel: Manal and Mohammed’s Dream Wedding

Wedding Couple: Manal & Mohammed

Total Guests: 100

Events: Religious Wedding Ceremony set by Imam and Wedding Dinner Reception

Wedding Venues: Limak Atlantis Deluxe Belek Hotel

Wedding date: 27/12/2023

At Anta Wedding, we specialise in creating unforgettable wedding experiences, and the wedding of Manal and Mohammed was a true testament to our dedication. This wonderful couple, originally from India and now residing in Canada, entrusted us with their wedding plans starting in November 2022. Together, we orchestrated a beautiful celebration at the luxurious Limak Atlantis Deluxe Belek Hotel.

The Start of a Special Journey

From the moment Manal and Mohammed reached out to us, it was clear that their wedding would be a unique and joyous occasion. They envisioned a wedding that honoured their Muslim faith and Indian heritage while bringing together loved ones from around the world. With guests travelling from the UK, India, Canada, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, this wedding was a vibrant, multicultural affair.

The Ideal Venue

Limak Atlantis Deluxe Belek Hotel provided the perfect setting for Manal and Mohammed’s wedding. Known for its stunning architecture and impeccable service the hotel was an ideal choice for a celebration of this magnitude. The venue’s elegance and charm set the stage for a truly memorable event.

A Day Filled with Joy

On the morning of December 26, 2023, excitement filled the air as guests gathered for the religious wedding ceremony. An Imam presided over the ceremony at Mecek Mosque which is located at Belek Antalya. The ceremony was both intimate and grand, a heartfelt celebration of Manal and Mohammed’s love and commitment.

A Night to Remember

On 27th of December as evening fell, the festivities continued with a lavish wedding dinner reception. The decor was nothing short of spectacular, featuring exquisite floral arrangements, elegant lighting, and beautifully set tables. The ambiance was a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, mirroring the couple's vision. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous feast, sharing stories, laughter, and joy.

Words of Gratitude

Manal and Mohammed expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Anta Wedding team for making their dream wedding a reality. They were especially appreciative of the attention to detail, seamless coordination, and personalised touches that made their day so special.

Capturing the Magic

We are thrilled to share the beautiful photos from Manal and Mohammed’s wedding day, showcasing the love, joy, and cultural richness that defined their celebration. Each image captures the essence of a day that will be cherished forever.


At Anta Wedding, we take immense pride in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to each couple’s dreams. Manal and Mohammed’s wedding was a beautiful example of the magic that happens when cultures, traditions, and love come together. We look forward to helping more couples create their perfect day.

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