British Wedding in Antalya Kim & Mark Malone 15/10/2018 with 20 guests

British Wedding in Antalya Kim & Mark Malone 15/10/2018 with 20 guests

Wedding Couple: Kim & Mark Malone

Total Guests: 20

Events: Civil Marriage & Wedding Dinner Reception

Wedding Venues: Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel

Wedding date: 15/10/2018


We have reached Miss Kim’s wedding package request by Facebook in September 2018 and we have less than a month to set up plans and arrange all the details.


We first start by offering wedding venue options and our great hotel partner Limak Lara deluxe hotel really helps us to offer the best wedding venue for the couple’s desire which is a private place with sea view at Lara - Kundu area.


Soon after we signed our contract with them we started to give consultancy on civil marriages. Couple collected their documents with our consultant guide and were ready for their wedding.


We have to choose flower colours from seasonal options due to the short time period. We only used fresh flowers on the date for all flower arrangements. We try our best on decoration.


Date starts with bridal preparation at the bride's room at a different hotel and continues with a charming ceremony at Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel’s beach terrace. And continue with a dinner reception at Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel’s cosy poolside pavilion. Live violin players play the whole night.


Marriage certificates set in multilingual include English and given to the couple just after the ceremony by an official wedding officier. The date after the wedding we have finalised the apostille of the marriage certificate to make it valid all around the world.


All services provided by our company with all single details.


If you are planning to have your wedding in Antalya, no matter how close the date, Anta Organization wedding planner company would love to get your dream weddings too. 

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