Iraqian Couple Wedding in Antalya 28/12/2018

Iraqian Couple Wedding in Antalya 28/12/2018

Wedding Couple: Iraqian Couple

Total Guests: 15

Events: Symbolic Marriage & Wedding Dinner Reception

Wedding Venues: Titanic Deluxe Belek

Wedding date: 28/12/2018


Mr Mohammed has contacted us through our web page for their outdoor marriage request for December 2018. December is quite a risky month for outdoor events. It is not possible to set dinner reception outdoors but the ceremony can be done due to weather conditions.


Antalya is a sunny city but in December there are always risks of rain or cloudy dates. We have to set an offer with backup plans. We offer a green area of the Titanic Deluxe Belek hotel for marriage ceremonies with a backup option from the hotel's ballroom.


Lucky for us the date was sunny and we started to set the ceremony area in the early morning.


Couples have booked a villa from outside of the hotel and we start giving services by bridal preparation and we also bring a barber for groom’s own preparation.


We set a transfer of selected guests by arranging a limousine from their villa to Titanic Deluxe Belek Hotel. Guests were welcomed by trio musicians and cocktails were ready and served by waiters from the hotel. The ceremony venue was in the green area next to the river of the hotel and held by our master of wedding ceremony.


Dinner reception is set at the Golf Club of Titanic Deluxe Belek. We arranged transfer cars for guests to take them from the ceremony venue to the dinner reception area and bride & groom enter the venue by limousine. 


We have used the indoor area of the golf club of Titanic deluxe belek and set up a sound and light system for our live band. We have arranged Turkish folk dancers for the night and a belly dancer.


Dates continue until 15 minutes to midnight.


Here is the wedding video clip for your watch.

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