Services Page Information

Services Page Information

We Offer Full Service Wedding Planning To Couples For Their Wedding in Antalya

At Anta Organization we believe each wedding should be wonderful as you are. Each wedding is an opportunity for us to create another original unforgettable date.

We love to work as a wedding planner company and our company only focuses on weddings. We proudly say that Anta Organization is made of the best designers and we work with the most popular vendors in Antalya to provide the best services for our couples.

We try to list the top requested services below as headlines. For detailed information you can click them.

In addition to the services listed below we provide

  • Budget Planning 

  • Venue Scout

  • Floral Design and Floral arrangements

  • Hairdresser & Make-up services for bridal preparation

  • Wedding Photography

  • Musicians and Entertainments & Dancers

  • Sound & Light System

  • Wedding Dinner Cake

We choose the create 100% customizable wedding package offers and love to work as a collaborative team with the couple to create the most suitable wedding package offers to our couple’s desire.

Each wedding should be memorable even decades later. We offer full control to design and plan the entire wedding as long as the couple requested from us so The Couples and Guests can enjoy their night without hesitation to worry about any details.

Mesut Firat Turan is the general Manager of Anta Organization, with 15+ years of experience in the event industry in Antalya/ Turkey. From a wedding with hundreds of guests to a family-only celebration, you can rest assured that we handle every wedding request down to the last detail and exceed all expectations from a wedding planning firm.

When it comes to planning your wedding and if you don’t know where to start feel free to contact us at any time. We are very used to working with couples from different timelines so please do not hesitate to contact us 7/24. We will reply soon as we are available.

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