Wedding Parties & Entertainments

Wedding Parties & Entertainments
December 22, 2021

Process of planning the wedding in your mind can be very stressful for couples. We understand this and that's where our offer starts. We are ready to care for the planning process and all you will need to do is have a great date with your guests.

We believe entertainments on the date will ensure each wedding’s originality. Since the date we started our business we have focused on being able to arrange any kind of entertainment idea for couples. Our entertainment ideas start with pre wedding shows and welcome parties and continue till the end of the night.

It doesn't matter If you are looking for a multi date event for your weddings or one night event, we are available to take care of all entertainments with our customizable offers and with our experienced and professional team.

We have a variety of traditional or modern entertainment teams in our portfolio. White dressed violin players can welcome your guests musician number can be set from 4 to 20. Or if you are looking for a more classical trio musician, a team made of violin, cello and flute can welcome your guests with instrumental music and you can choose music type as European, usa, russian, iranian or indian style.

Cocktails and soft drinks can be set up and cocktail girls and hostesses will deliver drinks to guests before taking their seats for the ceremony.

Your favorite music should play once you are at the aisle. You can choose any music and we can show you options should a live band or should a DJ play it. One of the most memorable and romantic points of a wedding is the moment that the groom will see the bride for the first time in a bridal dress. This moment with great photography and with great music in the background will be unforgettable for the couples.

We highly recommend lounge music or soft popular international music to be played during the dinner so guests can enjoy their meal. And the point you choose shows can be started! Limit is your imagination. Due to selected dancers or entertainment shows we will rock the wedding party.

You can choose a live DJ performance or Live band for the night. Any favorite music selected 1 month before the wedding date will be played by professionals at the venue.

Due to Turkish laws outdoor music should be stopped by midnight. We can continue the party at indoor discos till 3am. 

We are just a few links away from you and ready to start to plan your wedding in Antalya. Please feel free to contact us anytime of the day by email or by phone or by whatsapp.

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