Wedding Dinner Reception

Wedding Dinner Reception
December 22, 2021

Each wedding allows us to use our imagination and infuse personality into your special day. Wedding venues in Antalya are already beautifully positioned against an inspiring background. This becomes an effortless backdrop in your wedding canvas. With our wedding venue guide you will be able to experience a memorable wedding experience with all of your guests.

We kindly suggest our couples choose out-door venues. Antalya is an amazing city with great weather and beautifull view options. But you can also choose an in-door venue too. Ballrooms and A la Carte restaurants that we work will fascinate you after our touches on their decoration.

For outside venues, It is possible to play up the natural beauty with soft lights, mason jars with candles, simple draped canopies and native plants and flowers. Great lighting will add a special atmosphere to your wedding. Lightning will help us to set the tone of your reception and to play off your color palette.

Varieties of decoration for your table are available with our company. We will create beautiful dimensions on your tables by including a variety of different-shaped vases. Our team will choose very carefully each candleholder, candelabra and other arrangements according to your wishes.

As an alternative to mason jars and glass vases, we can set gerat decorations with small-to medium-sized watering cans, copper kettles and tin cups for a vintage touch. It is possible to use a mix of flowers and herbs to bulk up floral arrangements.

Adding a candy buffet to the wedding venue is not only pleasing to the palette but also the eye. We will set up a corner of the wedding venue to create a great candy bar. Your wedding reception will be amazing by filling oversized glass containers with brightly colored treats and sweets.

Young creative decorator team of Anta Organization will provide the most romantic destination wedding for you.

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