Wedding Planing Services

Wedding Planing Services
December 22, 2021

Wedding Planning Services In Antalya

We started wedding planner services in Antalya, Turkey in January 2017. Since the date we created our company wedding planning services have been a passion for us. We love to work on details and create the ideas that couples have in their mind.

We suggest you to not worry about the entire process of your wedding because you can be sure we will handle all details and we will create the perfect date for you.

You might not be sure what you already want or where to start. We are here to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. We kindly suggest you to always remember it is your date and you should have the wedding you want. So feel free to tell us any ideas in your mind no matter if it is from instagram or from pinterest. We will still create an original wedding for you.

Before starting to plan the entire date minutes by minutes at first we need to set the most suitable wedding package offer for you. To be able to set a wedding package offer for you we will need to know 5 information about your wedding.

  • What is the wedding date? Wedding dates are important for us to be able to set an offer. Some of the wedding venues are only available in Summer and some of them only available late april to mid may and mid september to first weeks of October. 

  • How many guests are you planning to invite? We need to know the estimated guests in your mind so we can estimate the most suitable wedding venue options for your total guests.

  • Did you book any hotel or do you have any favorite hotel or location in Antalya? Antalya is a big city from west borders to east borders it is almost 366 km (227 miles). If you have a favorite town or location such as Alanya, Belek, Old town or Kemer it is better for us to know before starting to shape an offer for you.

  • Will guests stay with you at the same hotel or will they stay at their selected hotels or aparts? We mostly give services at venues inside hotels or at popular restaurants. Most of the hotels that we use their venues ask at least 50% of total guests to stay at their facility to offer us their venues. If you want to offer flexibility to your guests to choose their hotel then it might be better for us to know earlier to set our offer for the hotel options who welcome guests from outside of the hotel.

  • The Wedding Budget in your mind!!! Trust us, we are not asking the budget in your mind to start negotiation from the beginning, we are asking because Antalya is a big city and has countless options of wedding venues with different views or entertainments. Each venue has different terms for booking. Some of the venue's rental fee is almost as expensive as all the other services in our offers.

We can start to set the most suitable wedding package offer for you, once we get the information for the questions listed above.

Then we suggest couples to set a meeting with you and we can start to customize our offer.

Feel free to contact us any time. Please remember we are used to giving services for couples from different timelines so you can contact us 7/24.

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