About Us

About Us

Anta Organizasyon limited şirketi is a wedding planner company giving services in Antalya since 26th of January 2017.

We focus on bespoke wedding planning services and love to customize our wedding package offers with your feedback and we try to set wedding packages as simply as possible without compromising details. 

Our wedding packages are set to be suitable for a couple's desires. We have a special offer for all guests even if you don't need a wedding with guests and are looking for only two of your wedding package options. 

If you are 2 foreigners and looking for official civil marriage with legal paperwork than Turkey will be best choice for you because weddings in Turkey are valid world wide and marriage certificates set in multilingual include english, german, spanish, greek, italian, dutch, portuguese, turkish, french and croatian total 10 languages. For other languages we can make additional translations from our partner sworn translator company.

International valid marriage certificate is our specialized services for couples no matter which country they are from. We can add to our offer or we can set ceremonies without official marriage with legal paperwork if it is something you have already done or will do later in your country.

Our wedding planner company is open minded for all traditional and religious marriages too. We have already done Orthodox christian, Protestantist christian, Syriac christian and Muslim weddings at past. Religious marriages are not official in Turkey; it is only a religious blessing for marriage. We can bring clerics to the ceremony venue or we can bring you to church, mosque or to synagogue.

If you are looking for a traditional wedding in Turkey then we are proud to say our company Anta Organizations have already planned Traditional Indian, Traditional Pakistan and Traditional Iranian weddings in the past. And we would love to plan your traditional wedding here in Antalya too. Please check our traditional wedding pages for more detailed information.

Our wedding planner company only uses fresh flowers on wedding decoration and floral arrangements. Turkey is very rich in flower production and our company works with the biggest flower exporter and top flower importer companies in Antalya. So we can easily say that we are available to arrange any fresh flower you desire us to use for your wedding date. But we will need you to inform us of the flower choice and colours at least 1 month before the wedding date.

Rose, hydrangea, Peony and lily available for almost 12 months thanks to greenhouse productions in Antalya and gillyflower, tulip, daisy and chrysanthemum can be produced in different seasons. But if you inform us earlier than 1 month before your wedding date we can import from kenya or holland to make it ready on your wedding date.

Looking forward to hearing from you to start the most romantic and the most suitable wedding package offer for you

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