Indian Wedding in Antalya

Indian Wedding in Antalya

Wedding Couple: Nik & Nishma

Total Guests: 180

Events: 6 event total 3 dates


1- Titanic Lara Beach Welcome Party

2- Arma Restaurant Traditional Wedding

3- Titanic Deluxe Belek White Wedding

Indian weddings are multi date events that are usually set in 3 dates. This is our first Indian wedding in Antalya.


Total guests was 180 and due to the number of total guests we have offered 3 hotel options to couples at first but due to the number of their total events we have offered 2 different venues from Titanic Hotels and Arma restaurant for traditional wedding dates.


We have set traditional Indian menus on traditional wedding dates by arranging 2 qualified Indian chiefs.


All events and decorations are set by our company. Unfortunately we are only available to use our photographer studio at Arma Restaurant. But the couple shared the wedding video clip set by Titanic Hotels with us so we were able to share it here.


If you are interested in setting a Traditional Indian Wedding in Antalya Our company will be the right address for you to request a wedding package offer and venue scout.

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