A Dream Wedding at Granada Luxury Deluxe Belek Hotel: A Magical May Day Celebration

A Dream Wedding at Granada Luxury Deluxe Belek Hotel: A Magical May Day Celebration

Wedding Couple: Liubov & Kirill

Total Guests: 138

Events: Wedding Ceremony with official paperworks and Wedding Dinner Reception

Wedding Venues: Granada Luxury Deluxe Belek Hotel

Wedding date: 01/05/2023

At Anta Organization, we believe that every love story deserves a perfect celebration, and the wedding of Liubov and Kirill was no exception. This enchanting couple began their journey with us in October 2022, and together we crafted an unforgettable wedding experience at the Granada Luxury Deluxe Belek Hotel, one of Belek's most sought-after wedding destinations.

The Journey Begins

From our first meeting with Liubov and Kirill, we knew this wedding would be something special. The couple's vision was clear—they wanted an elegant, romantic, and flawlessly executed event that would leave a lasting impression on their guests. Our dedicated team, led by Mr. Firat, Ms. Esmeray, and Ms. Zaure, worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfect.

The Perfect Venue

Granada Luxury Deluxe Belek Hotel offers an exquisite setting for weddings, with its stunning architecture, lush gardens, and luxurious amenities. It was the ideal backdrop for Liubov and Kirill's dream wedding. The hotel's team, known for their exceptional service and attention to detail, collaborated seamlessly with us to bring the couple's vision to life.

A Day to Remember

On the beautiful morning of May 1, 2023, the excitement was palpable as guests began to arrive. The wedding ceremony, held in a picturesque outdoor setting, was nothing short of magical. With the Mediterranean sun shining brightly, Liubov and Kirill exchanged vows in the presence of their closest family and friends. The official paperwork was smoothly handled, adding a touch of elegance and formality to the joyous occasion.

A Celebration of Love

As the sun set, the celebrations continued with a lavish dinner reception. The venue was adorned with stunning floral arrangements, twinkling lights, and elegant decor that reflected the couple's sophisticated taste. Guests were treated to a delectable feast, accompanied by heartfelt speeches, laughter, and dancing.

Our team ensured that every moment was meticulously planned and executed. From the seamless flow of events to the personalised touches that made the evening unique, every detail was a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Words of Appreciation

We are deeply honoured by the kind words shared by Liubov and Kirill in their review:

*"My husband and I would like to highly recommend this agency. Everything went just perfect, both the entire preparation process and the event itself. It was the best day of our lives thanks in large part to Anta Wedding and especially to Mr. Firat, Ms. Esmeray, and Ms. Zaure. We are absolutely happy! Thanks a lot!"*

Their happiness and satisfaction mean the world to us and serve as a reminder of why we do what we do.

Capturing the Moments

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We invite you to browse through the stunning photos from Liubov and Kirill's special day, capturing the beauty, joy, and love that filled the air. Each image tells a story of a day that will be cherished forever.


At Anta Wedding, we take pride in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to each couple's dreams. Liubov and Kirill's wedding was a testament to the magic that happens when passion, precision, and love come together. We look forward to helping more couples create their perfect day.

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