Wedding in Kemer

Wedding in Kemer

Wedding in Kemer

Kemer is a town in Antalya Metropolitan city and all 8 settlements in it are tourism oriented. These are Beldibi, Göynük, Çamyuva, Kiriş, Phaselis, Tekirova, Olympos and Çıralı (Chimera)

Let's start with the wedding in Kemer first.

Kemer is one of the first tourist towns in Antalya. Each hotel at Kemer here looks like it was built inside of forests. The Hotels located in Kemer have small space available to offer for weddings. The Beaches of Kemer have pebble stones; it makes it nearly impossible to set up a beach wedding here.

If you are interested in a very intimate wedding with minimal guests and with almost no decoration, then Kemer can be a good choice here. Dinner receptions can be set at A'la Carte of the Hotels you and your guests stay at. If you want special decoration and full privacy during your wedding in Kemer we are available to use Hotel’s A’la Carte by renting for a full date to set up decoration and we may close the venue for you so that it is only open to your wedding guests.

Wedding in Beldibi

Beldibi is the nearest settlement belonging to Kemer town but close to Antalya city center. Most of the Hotels and Hostels here offer rooms with very limited budgets. Beldibi can be a good alternative for couples who want to enjoy the sea, holiday, and have their official civil marriage at the same time.

But if you are looking for a resort hotel in Beldibi then Rixos Sungate hotel can be the best alternative for you. Ultra all-inclusive concept, quality of Rixos hotels will make your holiday special.

Rixos Sungate hotel can be a superb alternative hotel for weddings with less than 40 guests but not cheap! Rixos Sungate hotel is an ultra all-inclusive hotel but does not offer its venues for free. We can book here by paying a gala dinner menu fee per person and the hotel charges additional services here if you bring staff from outside such as hairdressers & make-up artists or photographers. You can contact us for a detailed offer.

Wedding in Goynuk

Goynuk is a settlement between Beldibi and Kemer Town. The Northside of Goynuk is Famous for its canyon that is a good visit point on trekking routes. But the south side is completely focused on tourism.

Hotels at Goynuk give services as a resort and in an all-inclusive concept. Still, have limited space in the hotels to set up parties with dinner receptions after the wedding ceremony. But if you are looking for an intimate wedding with lounge music or instrumental music to be played at a dinner reception, Goynuk can be a good place.

The hotels here ask guests to stay at their facility to offer us their venues. If you have already made your booking it is better to focus on setting an offer for the hotel you already book but if you have not booked a hotel yet better to share with us your budget for weddings and accommodation so we can work on alternatives to set the most suitable offer for you.

Wedding in Çamyuva and Kiriş

Kiriş is a settlement of Kemer Town and has good all-inclusive resort alternatives. We highly recommend the Limak Limra Hotel in Kiriş for weddings. If you are interested in having an intimate wedding with your guests at a green area specially reserved for your guests then Limak Limra hotel has a great venue to offer for you. 

Other hotel options in Çamyuva Kemer can only offer their venues out of season time such as Maxx Royal Hotel or with a high rental fee.

Wedding in Phaselis

Phaselis is an ancient harbor city located at the border of the Lycia and Pamphylia territories. City ruins are open for public access as an open-air museum and have an available area for camping. Unfortunately, we can’t set a wedding here with detailed decoration or there is no venue here that is available to offer food or drink services.

But Phaselis is available for photo shooting sessions who are interested in setting a pre-wedding or after-wedding photo shooting.

Ruins of this ancient city are at the point where the sea and forest meet each other and can be a great background for the photos.

Wedding in Tekirova

Tekirova is a settlement of Kemer Town and this place has a virgin nature that offers great trekking alternatives and Tekirova also has great resort hotels for couples who are interested in an ultra all-inclusive holiday concept.

Rixos Premium Tekirova can be a great choice for couples who are interested in a wedding with less than 40 guests. Rixos Premium Tekirova also offers wedding packages for couples. If you want our decoration or services we can give services at their facility too by only charging our additional services. If you have already gotten an offer from the hotel you can also contact us for additional decoration ideas that can only be provided by our company.

Wedding in Olympos and Çıralı (Chimera)

Olympos and Çıralı (Chimera) are some of the most available areas for couples who are interested in limited-budget accommodation and have a holiday in nature at the same time. Small intimate weddings can be set up here but without any after-parties with loud music!

Almost all the Hotel owners live at their hotel and work at receptions or management. This will make the place as friendly and as possible and hospitality here will be always memorable.

We highly recommend only ceremonies here and you can set a dinner reception at a selected hotel or restaurant after the ceremony.

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