Wedding in Antalya

Wedding in Antalya

Wedding in Antalya

Antalya is the most popular tourist city in Turkey. Have direct flights almost from all around the world. Soon as your flight lands you will start to see multicultural cities and you will feel the heat of warm weather.

Any wedding ideas can be easily set up in Antalya and the city is available to offer any kind of wedding venue for your outdoor or indoor wedding.

Antalya is a Metropolitan City and has 18 Small Town municipalities inside. We try to mention the most popular ones as a headline on our destinations page. Here we will try to give detailed information about Weddings in Antalya city center.

Antalya is located next to the Mediterranean sea and the old town of Antalya is a harbor city. If you are interested in having a wedding with unlimited service options and your guests to enjoy their holiday at the same time and access worldwide famous brands stores at the same time then Antalya will be the best option for your wedding.

The city center is located around the Old town called Kaleiçi. Kaleiçi Ol town is the heart of Antalya, easy to access from any part of the city by taxi, tramway, busses even by yachts. There are nearly 200 boutique hotels and hostel options inside the old town and there are 3 five-star hotel options within a 15 minutes radius.

We have availability to offer different alternatives at Restaurants, cafes, and boutique hotels for a variety of wedding types.

Wedding at Arma Restaurant in Antalya

If you are looking for a stunning sea view and white concept we can highly recommend Arma Restaurant next to the marina. Arma Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Turkey and can be a good option for weddings. Our company started to set weddings at Arma Restaurant since 2017. 

As we have informed the Arma Restaurant management they want to offer their venue for at least 100 guests from monday to thursday and for at least 200 guests from friday to Sunday for 2022 wedding season and beyond. But for fewer guests, we can still book the venue by paying only the cost of the dinner menu fee of minimum numbers.

If you are interested in setting your wedding at Arma Restaurant our company would love to set an all-inclusive offer for you.

Wedding at cozy Restaurants at Old town Antalya

If you have less than 10 guests there are some cozy restaurant alternatives next to the harbor that is available to offer for a small ceremony and dinner reception with live violin or live classic guitar.

Wedding at Hadrian Gate Hotel in Antalya

is one of the best boutique hotel options inside Kaleiçi oldtown and we have a great partnership with them. We can give services at Hadrian gate hotel for wedding ceremonies with small groups of guests & dinner reception with instrumental music or we can use Hadrian gate hotel for the couple who are only interested in civil marriage with legal paperwork.

Wedding at Tuvana Hotel in Antalya

Tuvana Hotel has a stunning garden and cozy venue alternatives. Trust us you will fall in love with their venues if you like cozy places.

We haven't given services at Tuvana Hotel in the past but we love this option. We can give service at Tuvana garden, il vicino restaurant or seraser restaurant. For detailed information please contact us.

Wedding at Ruin Adalia Hotel in Antalya

Ruin Adalia Hotel is located in the old town of Antalya. Ruin Adalia hotel gives services as a boutique hotel and offers a Historically Comfort holiday. 

The hotel has a garden surrounded by walls and offers full privacy on any events and the size of the hotel’s garden is suitable for weddings with more than 100 guests. We suggest the couples start to plan their weddings in the Ruin Adalia hotel at least 10 months earlier because the hotel has limited rooms. For weddings with more than 100 guests it will be better to book the entire rooms of the hotel.

If you have already chosen a wedding date or the wedding venue feel free to contact us for the best alternatives.

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