Wedding in Belek

Wedding in Belek

Wedding in Belek

Belek is famous for golf tourism. Almost all the hotels have golf courses or offer golf tours to shared courses in the Belek Area.

Second thing about belek is the green colour. Hotels builded with respect to nature and try to not cut a single tree. Architecture design of the hotels located in Belek makes them look like builded inside the forests.

We highly recommend outdoor weddings in the belek and almost all the hotels have availability to offer at least 1 venue for weddings. And again we recommend the wedding ceremony to be done on green areas to catch the best light and images. It is possible to set up weddings here for just the bride and groom or weddings with 1000 guests. We are 100% sure you will love the venue options here.

Almost all the hotels that we work in the Belek area offer their venues for weddings with one standard condition : at least 75% of total guests must stay at their facility and hotel charge additional costs per guests who do not stay at their facility and some of them Ask all guests to stay at their hotel to offer their venues.

All the hotels in the belek give services in an all-inclusive concept but during summer time some of them give services in an ultra all-inclusive concept. It will be hard for hotels to track all wedding guests for the entire night. So The hotels choose to not offer their venues for non hotel guests.

Few of the hotels in the Belek have additional conditions for room booking by asking the Couple to book all rooms from one source at 1 time.

Limak Atlantis Hotel is a great wedding hotel in the Belek Area and is available to offer their venues for any wedding groups without making accommodation compulsory at their hotel.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information for a wedding in Belek or for detailed information about each hotel’s policy to offer venues.

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