Wedding in Alanya

Wedding in Alanya

Wedding in Alanya

Alanya is more focused on holiday tourism. The hotels located at the center of Alanya or the hotels located close to the center of Alanya have restrained spaces or venues that they can offer. From Late April till the end of September is a golden season in Alanya, almost all the hotel options will be fully booked during this time range. 

The restaurant options at the center of Alanya don't want to close their entire venue for small wedding groups and only a few have city views or availability for big groups. Most of them will not even be available to set up a dance floor in their venue.

If you are looking for a wedding with a small number and civil marriage with a legal paperwork process is more important to you than setting up decoration and closing a venue private for your wedding group Alanya center can be a good choice at that point. But if you are looking for an indoor venue only for your guests with a fully decorated ceremony and a private dinner reception with a choice of music chosen by you, we are sorry to say that there are not many options in the center of Alanya.

Few restaurant options have city views and only they are available for ceremonies and dinner receptions. To be able to set up an offer for these restaurant options we need to know the number of total guests and the wedding date in your mind to be able to offer the most suitable venues for you.

Okurcalar, Avsallar, İncekum, Payallar, and Türkler are the most popular tourist towns belonging to Alanya municipality. The Hotels located in mentioned towns give services in the All-inclusive concept and some of the options have available venues and most of them have private beach areas.

Since the hotels in this region have private areas on the beaches, we can have a beach wedding ceremony. And if you want to organize a dinner reception for your guests after the ceremony, we can offer you two options.

You can request a quote directly from the Hotel management and arrange a dinner reception at an A' la carte restaurant offered by the Hotel but accompanying other hotel guests.

Or, you can arrange a fully decorated dinner reception exclusively for your guests at an A' la carte restaurant recommended by the Hotel. Our company will have to close the A' la carte restaurant for the whole day to set-up the table decorations and fresh flowers. Closing the entire A'la Carte restaurant will bring an additional rental cost to our offer.

In the second choice, since the whole venue will be prepared specially for you, we can make the wedding party unforgettable with the choice of the musician you want and the show options.

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